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Orion Industrial Ventures

Our Strategy

We invest in emerging companies with the potential to decarbonize industrial production, and provide a sustainable and economic supply of minerals and materials and new energy solutions critical for global growth.


We seek to find understandable, scalable technologies, being developed by premier management teams and targeting a significant market opportunity to help decarbonize heavy industry, and to support those companies de-risk and scale by providing capital, know-how and full access to the Orion platform.

Our Focus

We believe there are three interdependent challenges to solve heavy industry’s emissions problem – namely, we need to increase the supply of upstream critical minerals, develop new, low-carbon processes to materials production, and embed new solutions to decarbonize the energy inputs that power production. Orion Industrial Ventures focuses at the nexus of those three areas.


We believe the opportunity to decarbonize industry is underinvested relative to the size of its carbon footprint and to the size of the market opportunity it represents. We are focused on this opportunity, and providing exposure to those companies developing innovative solutions to grow to become the industrial leaders of tomorrow.

Our Portfolio
Building a leading portfolio of companies with solutions to decarbonize industry, and deliver sustainable and economic minerals and materials supply.


Our Team

Proven senior team with full support from the Orion platform.

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